Thursday, December 5, 2013

Get ready with me

I've decided to let you guys tag along while I got ready today...yah I know this is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to you today ;)!!

Amazing what a little bit of makeup can do right! This was super quick and easy, check it out...

 1. I started off with a clean dry face. Always ALWAYS wash and take care of you face, if you dont your makeup will not look as good as it could. 
2. First I applied the Primer (dont even get me started on the importance of a primer that in itself is a whole other post) apply it to your T zone and spread outwards. Let that sit for a few minutes, this is where I would normally brush my teeth or blow dry my hair. Apply your foundation using a brush.
3. Apply your concealer. I am doing it after foundation because I had no blemishes to cover. If you do then apply it on the blemish then apply your foundation. I am going to be using the concealer as a highlighter as well. Apply under eye area and use any excess on bridge of nose and above the arches of your eye brows. Then use Hazelnut mineral eye shadow as your contour color (the one with a heart). Apply below your cheek bone, on your temples and on your jaw line and blend into each other like the number 3. Then apply contour on the sides of the bridge of your nose and down to the tip and blend downwards. Take the excess powder and apply directly under your bottom lip. The word of the day is, BLEND BLEND BLEND!
4. Apply blush to cheek bones and sweep outwards along the cheekbone. Apply highlighting powder to tops of cheek bones and cupids bow (upper lip).
5&6 Fill in those brows. SO important, brows frame the face.
7. I used Truffle (top color) and Lavender Fog mineral eye colors, Ultimate mascara and liquid eyeliner. 
8. Using a damp cream eye shadow brush apply truffle to bottom of eyelid to crease and blend out using Lavender Fog. Tight line upper lid using liquid eyeliner and apply liner to bottom corner of water lines. Then take a little of the Truffle color and line bottom lashes. Curl and apply Ultimate Mascara to top and bottom lashes.
9. Tada and you're done!

Questions? Leave them below! Want your own private color or skin care session? No problem, let me know and I'll get a hold of you! I'm always looking to models to help build my portfolio so please help a sister out :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Mary Kay Set

 This is my little sister Angie, isn't she purty!!! She was over yesterday and surprised me by asking if I could do her makeup....ummm let  me think....YAH! Angie is a already a pro at applying her makeup and always looks amazing so it meant a lot when she asked if I could find a new "natural" look for her. Angie and I are both big fans of a smoky eye with eyeliner so this was definitely a step in a different direction. The lighting in my house is HORRIBLE so you may not be able to tell a lot but I still managed to smoke out the corners of her eyes but in a more natural way.

The key to any "smokey" or any applied eyeshadow is to BLEND!

* I applied the lighter color (Moonstone) to her whole lid, lash line to brow bone. 
*From the center of her eye lash line to crease I applied  the medium shade (Chocolate Kiss). Just pack it on there don't worry about being neat.
*Then take your strongest color (Copper Glow) and put it on the outer corner of your eye and up into your crease.
* Wipe off your crease brush so there is no color on it and start blending out your crease and lash line. Think a backwards C motion, you will be going about half way across your eye. You want to buff it out so there are no harsh lines and so it goes from soft and light at your inner to strong and darker on your outer corner. 
* Take you smudge brush and dab  little of the Copper Glow on it and run it along your bottom lashes. Start on the outer corner of you eye and blend it into you inner corner. It will be strongest on the outer corner and almost nothing on the inner. 
*Curl lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom.

The rest of her face was primer, foundation, blush blended from apples of cheeks down into cheek hallow, high lightening powder on top of cheek bones and cupids bow (upper lip), Natural lip liner with a little of True Dimensions Color Me Coral lip stick.

Super quick and naturally beautiful everyday makeup! Questions? Comment below! Want you own custom look and techniques class? Just ask, I'm always looking for new models and I love Love LOVE to help my friends with makeup or skin care!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thursday at the fair

What a fun magical night...


German scored some tickets for us to go to the fair which is great because we probably wouldn't have gone otherwise. The little guys were in aw of all the lights and excitement. We managed to see some animals that were not all ready sleeping and they loved feeding the goats but were kinda freaked out by the camel. Funny thing, jackjack wanted to ride all the rides and carter was the scared one, but poor jack was to small to go on all besides a couple. What a wonderful sugar filled night. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Otter Pops and parks

 Summer wouldn't be summer without some Otter Pops! Friends, Popsicles and lots of fun, wanna join in?


So the traffic at Carters preschool is INSANE! It takes me around 40 min. just to pick him up and get out of there, CRAZY! The Handmade Home said it best in her post, and I too was about to become a carpool rage mom. So now after Carter gets out of class we head over to the school playground and chill for 20min or so, just enough time for all the craziness in the parking lot to be done with.  the kiddos LOVE it! We dig up the tire mulch, eat berries (that Jack Attack can never get enough berries), go down the slide, practice our writing skills and make mama some pizza. Lots of fun goes down on the play ground!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Christmas for me!

I know! Isn't it beautiful!! We bought it off of Amazon and while its not the Mercedes Benz of vacuums it had really great reviews and I LOVE it! No begging my mom to borrow her vacuum and driving said vacuum back and forth! Yay!

On another note, look how pretty!!

I Love times like this, New Mexico truly is beautiful!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Beginnings

How has this happened?  Where has the time gone? How did this...

 Become this??

Carter was selected by lottery to attend our public school systems Pre-K program. 
We were super excited by the news because SO many people apply and only around 230 kids get in. After the initial excitment I started having my reservations...he's to young...what if he gets hurt...what if he is bullied...what if HE is the bully...I'll miss him...
A lot of "what ifs" but when it comes down to it this is where Carter wants/needs to be. He is such a smart little guy and he is going to learn so much. Plus it's only four days a week for three hours...not long at all! On the selfish side I am SO excited to have some time to myself (JackJack takes his nap while Carter is away), to work on some projects that I have neglected!! Hopefully my house will be cleaner, the blog will be up to date and we will all be happier.
Highlights of Carters first day:
  • Carter didn't cry
  • I didn't cry
  • He didn't even realize when I left the room
  • Parking was horrible!! We had to park literally 1/2 mile away and hike in
  • Jackson loves to play in the sand box while waiting for Carter to get out of class
  • Loves his new Mario backpack form Nana and Pop Pop 
According to Carter:
  •  Everything was fun
  • He learned everything
  • Played everything
  •  Is friends with everyone
  • Had corn dogs for a snack
And this little guys is sad because he cant go too.